Tuxedo Necklace

I went to the Gem Faire this past weekend. I didn’t buy much, mostly glass beads for Miss Spring to use in her creations, some craft wire for a project, and some green amethyst for myself. I went a second time with my friend and, while she was shopping, my hand was magnetically drawn to […]

Green Garnet Necklace

I’ve had this chunk of green garnet for a while. As the grass becomes greener with spring, and the red tulips bloom, I pulled together a green and red garnet necklace with Swarovski crystal on gold fill. Ahhh, spring!

Breathe deeply, Laugh with abandon, Love wholly, Eat well.

MiLady Carol


Oh, For the Love of Faceted Oval Beads!

I’ve been working on a few new design ideas and I was completely inspired by faceted ovals. I pawed through my collection of beads, pulled out all my faceted oval beads, and started to play. What began as some simple dangling earrings ended in complete sets.

This led to a toggle bracelet which, in […]