Mini Greenhouses

Our verdant valley is experiencing some rather vacillating weather patterns. The temperature is in flux, the sun is coy, the rain is flirtatious and the hail is, well, the hail is a great exfoliant — in other words, all is normal and well. Regardless of atmospheric convention, the trouble with an outdoor exfoliant is […]

The Garden is In!

Today, assisted by my sweet angel, Kitte, I was able to fetch my yard of organic gardening soil. They even gave me 6 little spinach starts with my purchase! Yay! We transported it home, G and I moved it from the truck to the garden bed, then I began the process of planting – a […]

All Hail Spring’s First Day!

Sunday, I had one of those moments where circumstance wakes me from my bliss with a solid slap to the face.

Mom was here and we were sitting at the dining room table sipping tea and talking. I heard the comforting sound of rain so I spun around in my chair to watch. What I […]