Homemade Sauerkraut: A Journey and a Recipe

I have been fascinated lately by probiotics. They are so very important to overall health and I can’t seem to get enough of them. I hate spending $10 on the really good, fresh, organic kimchi and sauerkraut when I’ve been eating some with every meal. It breaks the budget. I began looking into my own […]

Kitchen Gadget Series: Citrus Squeezer

I have a little hand citrus squeezer that is fine to use for one or two limes/lemons, yet I tend to buy a bunch of citrus and squeeze it into juice to fill a container for easy use during the week. When I have to process a dozen or so fruits, I pull my big, […]

Autumn Curry

I love going to my local Farmer’s Markets! There is something about seeing, smelling, and touching all the foods of the season — freshly picked and brought to this festival of the senses — that really grounds me in the present. For this moment, and this moment alone, this particular vegetable is at its peak. […]

On Oven Fires and Plastic

Saturday afternoon, I volunteered to help in the kitchen at a fund-raiser event to benefit women who can’t afford mammograms and breast health care. It was sponsored by a bevy of Red Hat Society ladies and held in a church with a kitchen. I had heard about the High Tea at my Woman’s Resource Network […]

Quick, Easy, and Fresh Italian Sauce with Garden Tomatoes

My shady yard is a little behind in tomato production. I have oodles of them, it’s just that they’re still green. Well, a few are beginning to blush, so there’s hope for future sauces and salsas in my own backyard. However, I have friends with sunny gardens who happily provide me with their bounty. Yay, […]