Baby Gifts Galore!

Two of my dear friends are pregnant. One couple is expecting twin girls and the other expecting a boy. I’ve been knitting.

The young gentleman is expected into a family who has received fruit hats from me for their daughter. No. Please do not embrace the idea of an infant in a huge Victorian […]

Scarf for Noray

I was inspired to knit a cream and gold scarf. As I was knitting it, I kept thinking about my friend, Noray. Clearly, the scarf was meant for her. I love when something I’m creating for the sake of creating it claims someone. Sometimes, completed projects sit in drawers for a long time before I […]

A Hat For Spring Weather: My Hand-Knit “Big Apple” Cap

I’ve finally finished my new cap. I have a deep and abiding love for the two Big Apple caps I bought almost a million years ago back in New England. Both of them are velvety and lush… and they are hard to find. A Big Apple is the mutated exceptional child of a newsboy cap […]