For the Love of a Celadon Tea Set

When last we traveled to Vietnam, I fell deeply in love with a tea set. My husband recognizes and has come to terms with this affair of the heart — after all, he is served delicious tea in said set.

It all began with a typhoon.

Our visit to Vietnam in November, 2013 […]

Malaysian Chicken Curry

In my continuing fascination with clay pot cooking, I created a curry from a variety of Malaysian spices and herbs and slow cooked them with chicken for a day. I ground quite a lot of spices into a paste in my granite mortar and pestle — my newest favorite kitchen tool — and added in […]

Post Cruise

We bunked down in Jumbo Stay hostel near the Swedish airport, Arlanda. The Jumbo Stay is a decommissioned 747 airplane that was gutted and turned into rooms for rent. It was easily the coolest hostel we’ve ever stayed in. Plus, there were free bus shuttles to and from the airport. The included breakfast began at […]

Stockholm, Sweden

Day 8

We’ve debarked in Stockholm. We’re at central train station sipping a cappuccino in order to get change for the lockers. Apparently, European credit cards have a chip in them and the machine couldn’t read our chipless cards. It’ll be far nicer to wander the city devoid of Fido and the Turtle Shell (my […]

Helsinki, Finland

Day 7

Today is our first rainy day. We hopped a tour bus from the ship. Our first stop was Temppeliaukio, the Church of the Rock. It was blasted out of a granite hill, topped with a copper coil roof, and glass windows. It’s a working Lutheran church. It was so crowded and swamped with […]