Why I Read the Book Before Seeing the Movie

I’m a visual reader. For me, this means I truly see the action unfold in my mind as my eyes read the words on the page. I’m a slow reader, I read only a little faster than I do aloud. For me, though, that time is truly captivating. I am the characters, I paint the […]

A Moment of Appreciation

I’ve taken my computer with me on the deck, settled myself into a nice sunny spot with a pot of dragonswell tea, and then I noticed the sound. Sure, there are many sounds happening simultaneously, yet, when I block out the traffic passing and the sounds of the kindergarteners playing next door, I hear nature. […]

Romantic Dinner on the Deck

It’s absolutely lovely outside. We cooked a nice dinner and I set up the deck with candles and mood lighting. I have tea lights in the garden and great food cooking on the grill. I feel very blessed.

Breathe deeply, Laugh with abandon, Love wholly, Eat well.

MiLady Carol


MiLady’s New Rule

I have instituted a new rule: The Thirty Minute Rule.

I shall not entertain any job that requires me to commute more than 30 minutes. I’ll happily walk or bike up to half an hour, but no more. My current job is between 31 and 45 minutes and the last 5 minutes are the most […]

Oh, Deer!

Today’s spotted wildlife while walking to buy a cucumber and snow peas… deer! Just nibbling on the foliage in a neighbor’s front yard.


Breathe deeply, Laugh with abandon, Love wholly, Eat well.

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