Green Tea: A Possible Layer of Protection from Lung Cancer

Some of the best medical studies of the effects of green tea are coming out of Asia. This past week, a Taiwanese study** showed that tea drinkers were five times less likely to have lung cancer.

So what does this mean for smokers? The study of 510 people indicated that simply drinking one cup […]

Green Tea & Exercise Turn Breast Cancer Blues to Pink

The smell and taste of green tea make me happy. It’s a very simple and very real truth. Still, it’s not a very scientific, is it? I’ve mentioned before the studies on how drinking green tea may lessen the likelihood of depression (my article) and now there is another study from Dr. Siao Ou Shu […]

January is National Hot Tea Month

I just found out that January is National Hot Tea Month! Wow! How exciting! In the Northern hemisphere, hot tea is the best thing ever on a cold January day. I’m currently cradling a pot of Japanese Gyokuro tea as I type this. Actually, there it is in the picture. A two-cup pot with the […]

Green Tea Lessens the Likelihood of Depression

There are a bevy of articles being posted today about the latest link between good health and green tea. Green tea always makes me happy and now there may be a physiological reason to explain this.

A study conducted in Japan, and published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, concluded that drinking green […]

The Benefits of Mint and My All Purpose Tonic Recipe

I hang my garden mint upside down in my closet and close the door to dry. In a warm, dry, dark environment, the mint will often keep it's perfect green color.

I finally finished the last of my garden harvesting last week. I put all my beds to bed for the winter […]