MiLady Declares War on Aphids, Part 2

So, I had concocted that recipe of garlic and detergent and doused my strawberries and roses in it for a few days. While it seemed to keep my strawberry aphids in check, the aphids on the roses weren’t responding. Perhaps they were different breeds of aphid? I’m not sure. The plants are on opposite sides of my yard and they looked similar enough, yet I’m not an expert on this topic.

Since my roses were still under siege, I walked to the local nursery and bought a bag of ladybugs. I released some on both roses and strawberries for 2 successive evenings. While I still see them around my strawberries, I don’t see any on the roses and one of my three rose bushes is still full of aphids. I think they all just left before they found the aphid-infested areas near the buds. I’ll try again tonight and keep releasing until those pesky pests are gone.

I’m open to ideas.

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2 comments to MiLady Declares War on Aphids, Part 2

  • Bob

    My girlfriend’s aunt, who grows an amazing amount of roses, said to just blast them with water, but I like the idea of using ladybugs. We did that a few times when I was a wee lil guy and it was so much fun releasing them. Owen will love doing it. He’s all about bugs!

  • Actually, I blast them with water, or I did before I brought out the ladybugs, but it only gets rid of them for a few hours, then they are back. I want something more permanent. The ladybugs are adorable. I paid $7 for a package full of them.