Onion Olive Sourdough Bread

Green Tea Lady - yummy onion olive sourdough breadI finally made a really yummy bread from my sourdough culture. She’s lighter and airier than any of my previous attempts, she rose really well and I’m very satisfied with the taste.

I did decide to do a couple of things differently. For starters, I had told myself I’d stick to a simple French bread until I managed to achieve the texture I wanted – I tossed all that out the window and went for chucking in heavy ingredients like onions and olives. I don’t know if that has anything to do with my success, perhaps the guardian angels of sourdough like a rebel.
green tea lady - onion olive sourdough bread
The other Big Thing I changed was the flour. The starter was raised on unbleached wheat flour. I usually don’t keep wheat flour in the house and tend to grind my own multigrain or use a pre-ground spelt flour for finer applications. I had forgotten to replenish my wheat flour and I decided to forge ahead regardless, so I used all spelt flour in this recipe. This includes feeding and proofing the culture with the spelt. I’ve not had a better series of proofs than when using the spelt. I had read I needed to gradually add in the spelt to avoid shocking the culture. If the guardian angels of sourdough like a rebel, perhaps they favor spelt over wheat, as well. I guess we’ll see what happens when I use that starter the next time. I still have a jar of the unadulterated wheat starter, so I can compare results in the future.

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