Culture Abounds Aboard Ship

Day 3: At Sea

Today was a day at sea. We spent a relaxing day onboard involving fine meals, the fitness center, the spa, the saunas, a political conversation with folks from South Africa, and watching the sun set at 10:30pm.

I love that about being on a cruise. There are people from all over the world here, most of them speak English to some extent, and it’s so easy to strike conversations. At our dinner table alone we have a couple from Southern Ireland, a man and his nephew originally from Iraq, and there was a mother and son from England. We also breakfasted with an ex-pat currently married and living in Norway, two men from France, and another couple from Northern Ireland. I just love all the diversity of culture! This is what traveling is all about! Well, that and the opportunity for a very late-night sunset!

Ten-thirty pm sunset in the Baltic Sea

Ten-thirty pm sunset in the Baltic Sea

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