Spring Gardening

MiLady's spring garden, sugar snap peas and rope trellisThis week in gardening involved how to manage growing something with nothing. We’re far enough along into spring to see what has survived the winter and what hasn’t; what needs to be repaired and what can be replaced. Every year sees gardening challenges, and this year sees the ante being raised.

Water, water everywhere!
The most troubling – and potentially most expensive to fix – is the lack of a back yard spigot. Toward the end of winter, I noticed that it was just gushing water from behind the paneling of the house. The prevailing opinion seems to indicate I’ll need an actual plumber to crawl around under the house to replace pipes. As many times as I’ve been spelunking in the bowels of the house, I’m thinking I’m not qualified for major plumbing repair. So, until I have an income, that is an unusable water source. I do have a spigot on the front of the house, so I’ve rigged a couple of hoses together so I can water all my beds. This is doable and it insures I can still reach everything I need to water. Yay!

Garden expansion on the cheap.
Also, with the lack of funds, there will be no garden expansion. Instead, I am working with last year’s harvested seeds to save the expense of new ones and I’ve found some old barrels left at the side of the road perfect for veggies. I’ve shifted some of the soil from less used parts of the yard into the containers and placed them in Sunset Alley – the only place in the yard with more around 4 hours of sun – in the hopes of more sun reaching them. No expense there, so yay times two!

Not a whacky summer ahead.
I also count, among the fatalities of the winter, the loss of my weed whacker. My little rechargeable Black & Decker unit no longer will hold a charge. Not one little spark. I wouldn’t complain about the demise of an 11 year old machine save for the fact I cannot replace it in this moment. Well, at least the rechargeable mower still works. R.I.P. weed whacker.

A little green for some green.
I did spend a little money on a new rosemary plant, an additional oregano start, and some spinach babies. The winter was distressingly hard on some of my plants and herbs. I lost most of the rosemary I’ve had for years, only one of last year’s fuchsia made it – and it’s not very well, and the old oregano plant is slow in returning. The new rosemary has taken well and the oregano has already been harvested once.

And now, the food!
I’ve decided to try a different approach to the beans this year. Instead of training them up my round trellises like DNA, I’ve hooked some hemp rope from the fence to the rocks of the raised bed and planted a couple seeds right under each twine. My plan is to train the vines up the ropes to make picking the pods easier. Last year, they were so wrapped around each other I could barely see the pods in the mess of leaves and vines. I’m optimistic this will keep the pods very visible to make picking easier and allow more access to sun. I’ve reserved the other half of the bed for the nasturtium, spinach, and lettuces. The scallions, onions, and garlic I planted last year are thriving there in the moment and should still get plenty of sun under the beans. The tomatoes really didn’t do well there last year, anyway, so they are bound for the pots in Sunset Alley.

Well, even if all is not perfect in this moment, I am loved and I am capable. Hey, at the very least, I am enjoying a lovely cup of tea on the deck in the sun with a warm breeze wafting the scent of lilacs to me while the laundry dries on the line. If it’s not downtown Perfectville, at least I’m living in the same county.

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol
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