Adventures in Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef Mother's Day special on Trifle Bowl in April!It’s been a whirlwind month of learning and adventure. I have just passed my 30-day mark with Pampered Chef and I’ve successfully met my first goals:

    • Earn a 50% refund for my initial kit cost
    • Earn the Pampered Chef personal website free for 3 months

The refund for the kit cost was the biggie for me. The initial cost for becoming a consultant is $155 for a kit containing $550 worth of kitchen tools, marketing materials, and business supplies. It even comes with its own customer tracking management software. How cool is that? I thought I would have to go find my own and adapt it to my needs, yet that was taken care of for me – one of many unexpected pleasures. With the 50% refund, everything cost me $77.50. Outstanding, eh?

I also earned three free months of the Pampered Chef website so I can synchronize the cooking shows with an online version. That way, folks that can’t make the actual show can still place orders online. The site is not incredibly personalized, yet it’s very handy. If you want to check it out, go to

In summary, I’m proud to report that my first thirty days of Pampered Chef has paid for my initial investment, provided me with some added income, presented me with some really plush kitchen tools, and, most of all, been incredibly fun! I’d say I win! AND I’d highly recommend Pampered Chef as a great way to earn some extra cash and have oodles of FUN!

There are some open show dates for me in April if anyone is interested. There’s a great Mother’s Day special on the Trifle Bowl, plus a lot more.

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol
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