What to do with leftover whipping cream? Quiche!

Pampered Chef Mini Quiche and milk oolong teaFor my Saturday afternoon Pampered Chef party, I made orange-almond scones served with a fruity chocolate tea. And what goes better with scones than a bit of jam and some whipped cream? Why nothing, save the great company. A delicious time was had by all!

Afterward, I had half a pint of heavy whipping cream sitting in the fridge and probably a cup of cream whipped with stevia in a bowl. Save indulgence in a particularly favored aged cheddar cheese, I rarely have dairy in my world, so the cream sat there for two days before I decided something must be done. If there’s anything I abhor, it’s wasted food. I used the last of the cream I had whipped with a touch of stevia in George’s coffee, yet there was still that undulcified cream… so I thumbed through my recipe books and decided to attempt some mini quiche.

I can’t remember ever trying quiche before this. Since I already had a cauldron of chili simmering on the stove, I felt quite up to a culinary adventure. I rummaged through the fridge and brought out a couple of eggs, the last of a jar of artichoke hearts, a red pepper and I snipped some green onion fresh from the garden. The original recipe called for bacon, though I just added a bit of hickory smoke to the veggies and it tasted grand. I made a half batch of pie crust, chopped veggies and whisked eggs and cream, and 30 minutes later, I popped a tray of mini-quiche into the oven. I’d say I did well with the timing considering I made the crust from scratch, as well, and I had to cut and form it 24 times in the little mini-muffin pan instead of once in a great big pie pan – plus, it was the first time I’ve made this recipe.

After all that, I still have enough cream to make at least one more batch. I suppose this means I should arrange to host a tea party. The little quiche are very filling, so it’s probably a good idea to spread them around amongst friends. Anyone up for tea and quiche?

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Love wholly,
Eat well.

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