Green Tea: A Possible Layer of Protection from Lung Cancer

Gyokuro Japanese Green TeaSome of the best medical studies of the effects of green tea are coming out of Asia. This past week, a Taiwanese study** showed that tea drinkers were five times less likely to have lung cancer.

So what does this mean for smokers? The study of 510 people indicated that simply drinking one cup of green tea per day lowered their risk thirteen-fold. The doctors were quick to remind smokers that drinking a cup of green tea a day is not a substitution for quitting, yet it may help mitigate the risk a bit.

Non-smokers with a genetic history of lung cancer in the family also seemed to enjoy a reduced risk. The researchers found that the antioxidants seemed to have a greater effect on people with a specific growth factor genotype.

The doctors believe that it may be the antioxidant quality of green tea that helps modulate the cancer risk. Genetics definitely plays a huge role, yet why wouldn’t we take every possible advantage? If you like the taste of green tea, drink a cup a day to keep the cancer at bay!

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