Green Tea & Exercise Turn Breast Cancer Blues to Pink

Green Tea & Exercise Turn Breast Cancer Blues to PinkThe smell and taste of green tea make me happy. It’s a very simple and very real truth. Still, it’s not a very scientific, is it? I’ve mentioned before the studies on how drinking green tea may lessen the likelihood of depression (my article) and now there is another study from Dr. Siao Ou Shu at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Women who survive breast cancer are at great risk of depression complicating their recoveries. Dr. Shu and his colleagues studied 1,399 Chinese women, 54 and older, who have survived breast cancer in Shanghai, China. They noticed that women who exercised regularly had 30% less chance of being diagnosed with clinical depression.

Further, the 183 women who drank tea had a 36% lower risk of developing depression. The majority (90%) of those women drank green tea.

One thing I’d like to know is whether any of those 183 tea drinkers overlapped the exercisers and, if they did, if their risks were even further reduced.

On a tangent… really? Only 183 of 1,399 women over 54 years of age drink tea in China? Really? I’m shocked. Truly shocked. I know that many younger Chinese have turned to soda over tea, yet all the older Chinese women I’ve known are loyal tea drinkers. Both the men and women are incredibly fond of their regional tea and, once they realize I’m interested, proselytize about that tea with great fervor.

Am I the only one who is curious about the incredibly small percent of Chinese women drinking tea? Do you know any Chinese women over 50 who do NOT drink tea? I don’t think I do.

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Eat well.

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Original article from Reuters.

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