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Hope Springs Eternal - G is deboning a chicken and my two Maltese dogs are ready, just in case anything should happen to drop.

Hope Springs Eternal - G is deboning a chicken and my two Maltese dogs are ready, just in case anything should happen to drop.

This year, we’re having multiple holiday celebrations. There’s the quiet evening at home with just the family on Christmas Eve, the solstice celebration with friends last Sunday, and the big Christmas bash at our extended family’s house. And the common theme through all of this is fine food and friendship.

I think that’s what really matters in all these gatherings, the wonderful sense of being warm, happy, and secure, surrounded by friends and family. I grew up in a household of four: Mom, Dad, Grandma, and me. We didn’t always have much, yet we had each other. Now, there’s only Mom left, and I’ve spent a lifetime gathering some of the highest quality people in the Universe close to me and adopted them all as family. It is my great honor to be a part of so many Intentional Family celebrations this year…

… And all of them involve FOOD! Lots and lots of food! Tomorrow, I’ll spend much of the morning and into the afternoon cooking and baking. I’ve already got a cauldron of lentils on the stove slow cooking. I found a great deal on apples and there are several pies scheduled to be baked. Not to mention cranberries… oh, the cranberries. Cranberry sauce, cranberry walnut bread, cranberry chutney… cranberries for everyone!

What’s your favorite celebration food? Do you make it yourself? What do you cook or bake for the holidays?

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

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  • steph

    I have a couple of recipes that I think of specifically as “holiday baking.” One is a recipe for belgian waffles that my mom’s side of the family brought with them when they emigrated. The other is a recipe that we’ve always called “pecan what-nots” – they’re little mini pecan pies. I’ll occasionally bake them other than at winter-holiday-time, but I particularly like to bake them this time of year. (And I love the crust recipe, so I’ve used it with other fillings, too.)

    Sadly, this year I haven’t done any holiday baking because of the timing of my move. I have hopes of doing some belated baking next week, though, since I’ll be off work.

  • Steph! So you’re all moved? I’ve missed you and was hoping to squeeze in another evening of tea and nibblies before you left town.

    I have a favorite pie crust recipe that works for everything. I love it. Are your waffles from a Belgian recipe? From where did your family emigrate? I love family recipes from the old world!


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