What’s Your Recipe for Health During Cold and Flu Season?

The package of Boiron children's products sent to Mommy Bloggers.As winter weather settles in around me, I contemplate the season of colds, flu, and the nasty little beasties that invade our systems. I have a little cheer that I repeat whenever someone I know tells me they are ill. It’s a simple gratitude and rallying encouragement said with all the fervor of a college cheerleader.

“Yay Immune System! Go Immune System! Yay!”

This is followed by uproarious fanfare in my mind. And pom-poms. The pom-poms are a great help.

As thrilling as this cheer might be, it’s not my only action point. General healthy living is essential, lots of water, and great quantity of Vitamin C-rich green tea are also key players. Sometimes, the nasties slip through. When they do, I use Boiron’s homeopathic medicine, Oscillococcinum. If taken at the first hint of a sore throat or sniffles, I can usually avert the worst of it.

I’ve been a big fan of Boiron for a long time. I also use their hay fever product in spring to great effect. Honestly, most over-the-counter and prescription meds either don’t work on me, or they don’t work AND they have horrible consequences. Homeopathic meds and whole foods are really my best plan for health. I try to eat well, I take some liquid Echinacea daily during winter, and I use my neti pot.

Way back in October, I sent an invitation to Moms who blog from Boiron to visit their site and receive a free sample of homeopathic children’s products. The offer has now ended, though the link is here. If you are sad to have missed the offer, the consolation prize is a coupon for $1 off the children’s products. That can be found here.

My friend, Marilyn (her blog is called My “Economic Stimulus”), actually signed up and received a box of full-sized products while I was there. It actually arrived just in the nick of time as two of her kids had recently come down with sniffles. I was really impressed, as I had expected small sample sizes. Way to go, Boiron!

What is your recipe for health during cold and flu season?

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol
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* I know there are some laws either recently passed or proposed that require bloggers to state any affiliations they have with recommended products. So, as my disclaimer, I’m writing this is praise of Boiron simply because they provide great products. I, personally, have never received anything from them, have never been paid by them, and do not expect ever to be in their employ. I’m a happy customer and I like to recommend what works well for me.

2 comments to What’s Your Recipe for Health During Cold and Flu Season?

  • Probiotics are said to be good for the immune system and that makes Puerh a good tea for it. Puerh naturally has probiotics because it’s the truly fermented tea. So drink up your Puerh in cold and flu season since it also is antibacterial/antimicrobial and will kill those germs.

  • I know that unfermented green tea is considered antibacterial, yet I don’t know about the probiotic nature of fermented tea. Can you tell me more? Is it just in the fermented ones like Pu’erh? What is it about the fermenting process that adds probiotics to tea? I know that fermenting kombucha adds probiotics, yet Pu’erh is far from kombucha — it tastes way better! *grin*