Teavana’s Mango Green Tea Review

I enjoy a good flavored tea from time to time. One of my favorite fruit teas is a green tea based mango tea from Teavana.

When I write my tea reviews, I tend to follow a formula. You can read all about my method and what each taste means in this post.

• Scent of the brewed tea: Fresh, very fragrant mango.

• Taste in the Front: The initial taste is definitely the mango. This particular mango is very true to the taste of the fruit. I’m not big on fake fruit flavors, this tastes very much like a bit of mango juice right in the tea. Delish.

• Taste in the Sides: There is only a slight hint of tingle along the sides of my tongue. The sweetness of the mango seems to override the astringency of the green tea.

• Taste in the Back: I’m left with a lingering mango aftertaste and a little extra sweet punch from the tea. While I didn’t feel that green tea astringency along the sides of my tongue, I do feel it afterward. Very nice.

This is a delicious tea to serve both hot or iced.

Note: I just searched the Teavana site to add a link to buy this tea and found that it’s discontinued. Though I’m saddened by the loss, I was assured that they are bringing in new teas that will be just as delicious. I’ll post about it when they post more details.
Teavana mango green tea steep chart

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  • Yeah, only real fruit is good in flavored tea. I can attest to that. Anything that tastes fake is just unfortunate. Nowadays no one really has to drink tea made too poorly because the good stuff is still pretty cheap to make at home. –Teaternity