Which MiLady Carol Website Design Do You Like Best?

I’m designing my new jewelry site and I’d love to hear some opinions. There are three images below. Which one speaks to you and why? Suggestions? Thanks for your help.

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MiLady Carol
Dazzling jewelry that reflects sparkling personalities!

Entry #1:  Black and silver

Entry #1: Black and silver

Entry #2:  Black and red

Entry #2: Black and red

Entry #3:  Black and black

Entry #3: Black and black

13 comments to Which MiLady Carol Website Design Do You Like Best?

  • Steph

    I like #2 black and red best. I like the contrast of the red/black, and for me the black/silver and black/black both seem to blend together. With your tabs in red, that’s where my eye instantly goes (to the red–ooh, a shiny! is it ripe?!), so pretty much the first thing I see (after the front-and-center picture of the pretty) is to your tab/category headings. I like that.

  • Cindy Leming

    Hi Carol,
    I love the black on black. It looks classy. The pearls stand out well against the black background and the lettering is very easy to read. It also appears less cluttered and easy to identify the inclusions.

  • Kittekaat

    I like the black and silver best. It seems more elegant and formal to me.

  • Kittekaat

    I like the design of the red and black one best, but the color scheme of the Black and Silver.

  • Rebecca

    In order of preferrence, I like black and black best, then black and silver, and lastly black and red. I think the black and black and black and silver look classier and ‘more expensive’, and the black and black lets the jewelry stand out a bit more without distracting from it.

  • I like black and silver, because it makes the tabs stand out more than the black on black. I like the black and red, and I like how it draws the eye to the tabs and the cart, BUT I think if you’re looking at a particularly colorful piece of jewelry, a) you want the eye to be drawn to the jewelry, and b) you don’t want to risk the colors clashing, or even just not complementing.

  • I, too, vote for the black/black. It evokes classiness.

    The red/black is decent, but I don’t like the Comic-Sans font used for the menu header.

    The silver/black is a distant third.

  • Kat

    I like the black on black. It makes the jewelry pop.

  • I like the first one the best.

  • I’d go with “black and black” because it doesn’t depart from the color theme of the header and navigation in the central columns. That’s what I have had with my website as much as possible too. Of course products and such don’t need to be in black and white so it doesn’t necessarily matter. –Teaternity

  • Greatings, Interesting, I`ll quote it on my site later.
    Thank you

  • Jake Boone

    Black on black. You want the site itself to be dark and unobtrusive because you want the jewelry to be the eye-catching element.