Autumn Cleaning and Houseplant Revitalization

Houseplant RehabilitationI love my houseplants. They are beautiful, they clean my air, and they make me happy to behold. Today, I was about to water them when I was seized by The Madness*. Suddenly, I found myself in a whirlwind of action transporting my plants to the deck. Only the hanging pots whose vines are intertwined with bits of house anatomy were left inside. I rolled my gigantic bin of potting soil over and began to refresh and fertilize my babies. Of course, one of my dogs – Aldina – found this process fascinating and decided to help by inserting herself between the soil and the plants. Hijinks and hilarity ensued (read: We’ll both be needing a bath tonight).

I also gave some love to the plants still hanging inside by transporting soil and fertilizer to them. More hijinks and hilarity occurred when my water jug fell from the countertop (read: I needed to wash the throw rugs, change my clothes, and mop the floor). Aldina actually did help here by licking some of the spilled water. She’s always ready to be of service, that one.

Of course, once I moved all the plants and begin dribbling water and soil into the house, the necessity to dust, mop and vacuum the floors became poignant. Given all the other things on my long list of to-dos, I had to temper my enthusiasm. I’ve settled for an “in progress” look and feel. Such is the result when The Madness overtakes me.

Aldina:  Maltese, Queen of The Madness, Helper Extraordinaire

Aldina: Maltese, Queen of The Madness, Helper Extraordinaire

*The Madness is a term I coined when Aldina would suddenly jump up from a calm repose and race around the house. The mad dash incorporated playful grows, grunts, yips and a rather spectacular acrobatic display of rolls, spins, and flips. The Madness usually only lasts a minute or two before she settles herself primly on a cushion like nothing ever happened. She’s a special girl, my Aldina is. Now I’m special, too.

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

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