How I Needled Myself Into Learning to Knit

hand knit green striped scarf by MiLady Carol
As a child escaping hot, humid New England summer afternoons, I retreated to the cool linoleum of the basement to flip through TV stations. One day, I happened upon Tom Baker’s amazingly long Dr. Who scarf. I sat transfixed. There began my quest for a super long scarf. After years of fruitless searching, I failed to find anything more than the pathetically puny commercial scarves. Nothing measured up to the perfect scarf image I’d conjured in my mind.

After hearing me tell my tale, a friend gifted me with a beginner knitting lesson. I was very excited. I would be able to make my very own scarf – and make it as long as I wanted in whatever color I desired. It would be bliss! There was one thing standing in my path: actually being able to knit.

The woman teaching the class was an accomplished knitter who had been wielding her needles for several decades. While she was an amazingly talented woman, there were two challenges I had to learning from her. The first was that her years of mastery had left her less capable of explaining the rudiments of the craft. The second element, which I didn’t discover until many frustrating attempts later, is that I knit left-handed and she taught right-handed knitting. Who knew?

Once the carrot was dangled before me, I couldn’t give up, regardless how frustrated I felt. I had set the goal of a super long scarf and I was going to figure out how to knit it. I went to knitting shops, looked online, read every book in the library, and I even asked a lady I saw knitting in a café for pointers. After time, and a concerted effort, I learned the basics and progressed.

It has been almost five years since that first uncomfortable lesson. I’ve since taught many people beginner knitting. I especially enjoy teaching those who have spent many frustrating hours trying to learn from others. They’ve all walked away from my lesson happy and on the way to completing their first scarf. I still consider myself a novice, though I thoroughly enjoy the craft. I usually have a project with me to keep my hands engaged and I’ve even achieved meditative states while clicking away on my needles. It’s been wonderful.

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol
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