Coffee or Tea: What’s In That Cup You’re Carrying?

I’ve been thinking about America’s beverage culture, lately. More specifically, I’ve been pondering coffee, tea, and how we consume them.

Both coffee and tea were imported from foreign shores with immigrants to this continent, yet they’ve become part of our identity. Everywhere I go, I see people walking around carrying opaque cardboard cups bearing the logo of some café chain or, better still, transporting the beverage of their choice in their own thermal cups. Whenever I encounter them, I play this little game with myself: I try to determine, based on apparent clues, whether they are drinking coffee or tea. Silly? Yes. Still, it’s intriguing to me. I speculate that most people in transit are conveying coffee, though I can’t ever be sure. I have a hypothesis.

Coffee has a strong taste accompanied by a rush of energy from the caffeine – caffeine in coffee hits harder and faster than in tea. I’ll explain that in a bit. I suspect that people on the move want to have a very noticeable, intense beverage while they are in motion. It’s easy to stop at a café and order java on the run.

Tea is subtle. The taste is recognized in stages in the mouth (I explain this in my eBook) and the caffeine is a longer, slower arc due to the presence of other chemicals that ameliorate the sudden rush. Tea is not zippy. It’s not fast. It takes time to make and it takes time to appreciate. Tea is usually the beverage people make while sitting at their desks, it’s not what they carry while commuting.

I think most people on the go are porting coffee, now I want to know. What’s in your cup as you go about your tasks? Green Tea Lady wants to know!
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