Tea: The Best Stimulant for a Depressed Economy

Some tea just keeps improving with age. Much like wine, if tea is properly packed and kept, it becomes more valuable. Recently, there was a three-day tea fair in Hong Kong where 10 grams (about 1/3 of an ounce) of 100-year old Pu’er tea was sold for US$1,025. Pu’er is a smoky, black tea named for the county in Yunnan, China, where it’s grown. I’m wondering if I can buy stocks in Pu’er since the value is ever increasing…

The article reporting on the Hong Kong International Tea Fair in Breaking News quotes the assistant executive director of the Hong King Trade Development Council, Raymond Yip Chak-yan, as saying, “Tea trading performs well in economic downturns because many people drink it to ease the stress and tea is the second most popular drink in the world after water.”

This leads to my point: in an economically depressed time, we look for ways to cut corners and spend less. Rather than go to a café, we make coffee at home and pack our own lunches. Some of us might even cut coffee out of our lives completely. It makes great sense, especially if you really only want to drink soy lattés at nearly $4 each like some bloggers who happen to be, well, me.

So, that’s the one hand. Cut back on spending starting with the little luxuries that bring joy to your day. While that hand is busy lamenting the loss, hope lies in the other hand. For, the other hand holds another wonderfully satisfying stimulant that brings joy to the heart and mind: tea.

While good quality loose-leaf tea is, pound for pound, more expensive than coffee, a pound of light, dry tea leaves goes a long way compared to a pound of coffee. It takes me seven tablespoons of whole coffee beans to make a pot of French press coffee. That same French press can produce an equal amount of tea in using three teaspoons of leaves.

Though we’ve streamlined our cash outlay and cut unnecessary luxuries here at Chez Carol, tea is one treasure I plan to keep. Tea simply is the best stimulant for a depressed economy.

If you’ve cut some of your spending, please share what you’ve decided you won’t live without, despite the cost. I’d love to hear. For me, it’s an amazingly robust organic Japanese sencha I recently found. Mmm…

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol

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3 comments to Tea: The Best Stimulant for a Depressed Economy

  • I love the title. That’s very clever. We should probably forward that to Obama. Call it, the new Economic Stimulus package….tea. LOL

    Not to mention the wonderful health benefits of tea.


  • Did I hear Pu-erh tea being mentioned? Ah, yes. I’m the up-and-coming Pu-erh expert. It’s my new favorite and I have a feeling it’s going to stay that way permanently. Just know that there are different kinds of Pu-erh. Some is indeed black (or ripe) but some is green or “raw.” And not all Pu-erh ages well either, just like not all wines are suitable to show their years. You have to have a good-quality to begin with and store it just right to fetch that big return on investment. But if you really want to do it, it’s always possible. –Teaternity

  • Oh! I’m so glad to know a Pu-erh expert! I drink a green Pu-erh in the morning to start my day. It’s got that lightly smoky flavor and aroma that I appreciate. I’m less about the black. I didn’t know they call black Pu-erh “ripe.” Yay! New knowledge! Thanks!