Carrot Art

For me, joy is in the details. I love to spend that little extra effort for the subtle effect that, when noticed, brings smiles to those who see. It is for this reason that some of my carrot slices become flowers or hearts.

I use the simplest of kitchen tools: a knife, a peeler, and a bottle opener.

Obviously, I wash and scrub my carrots well. To ensure that the tools glide smoothly over the carrot, I usually peel the outermost layer to remove any bits of root.

To make flowers, I run the bottle opener down the length of the carrot in 5 equal-ish lines. I run the opener through the grooves a couple of times to make sure the furrows are deep enough to separate the petals.

For hearts, I run one furrow down the length of the carrot, then use the peeler to hone the bottom into a point and curve the top of the heart.

In both cases, I take all the furrowed and peeled bits of carrot and toss them into the soup or use them for a side salad. There’s no point in wasting good food.

Then, I just slice the carrot as I normally would. I pay attention to make sure the integrity of the shape is still in tact as I move through the carrot. If it begins to lose shape, I’ll use the peeler or opener to bring it back.

It really doesn’t take me more than a couple of extra minutes to do this and it makes me smile. After all, how much is a smile worth in time?

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol
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