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The version of SonarQube used in the project is the lts (long term support version) and the Jacoco plugin comes with the version of Gradle in the project (6.4.1). I know that Gradle Enterprise offers PDF reporting. But now I have fixed issue and now jacoco is generating the code coverage and I see the file size increases as the test keeps going on. build 24-Mar-2020 18:13:42 INFO: Sensor Java CPD Block Indexer (done) | time=19ms This is a local process that analyses your code then sends reports to the SonarQube server. This assumes that Java 8 and Maven 3 are set up. The JaCoCo plugin provides code coverage metrics for Java code via integration with JaCoCo. Use below link for SonarQube installation: There are multiple ways of running JaCoCo for your project: Go to Help-> Install new software and put in below URL. build 24-Mar-2020 18:13:42 INFO: Sensor SurefireSensor [java] (done) | time=31ms Consider using something like GitLab pipelines or Jenkins for that. 5. The steps discussed in this article to generate a jacoco.exec file and then use it during a SonarQube scan to generate a coverage report work well for SonarQube 7. The SonarQube is setup and running on port 9000. — test failure ignore →javaUTF-8jacoco0.7.93.2${}jacoco.exec${jacoco.outputDir}/${jacoco.out.ut.file}20180813, Note:- You can add files for exclusions in -Dsonar.coverage.exclusions argument or in(only folder level and class level exclusion is available in jacoco, we cannot exclude methods), org.codehaus.sonar-plugins.javasonar-jacoco-listeners${sonar-jacoco-listeners.version}test, org.sonarsource.scanner.mavensonar-maven-plugin3.4.0.905org.jacocojacoco-maven-plugin${jacoco.version}prepare-ut-agentprocess-test-classesprepare-agentjacoco.agent.ut.argtrueorg.apache.maven.pluginsmaven-surefire-plugin${jacoco.agent.ut.arg} 1.4

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