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In 2013, enrollment was reported as 81 pupils in 10th through 12th grades, with 55.5% of pupils eligible for a free lunch due to family poverty. State - 82%, 2010 - 77%, (5% below basic), State - 81%, 2009 - 78%, (4% below basic), State - 83%, 2008 - 95%, (0% below basic), State - 81%, 2012 - 60%, (24% below basic). [117], Education standards relating to student safety and antiharassment programs are described in the 10.3. In Pennsylvania, 60.3% of 11th graders are on grade level. The Math average score was 456. These screening activities include: review of group-based data (cumulative records, enrollment records, health records, report cards, ability and achievement test scores); hearing, vision, motor, and speech/language screening; and review by the Special Education administration. Welcome to the online home of the Harmony Area School District! [71] In 2014, the Commonwealth adopted the Pennsylvania Core Standards - Mathematics.[72]. [192], Harmony Area School Board did not apply for any exceptions to exceed the Act 1 index for the budget in 2011. Additionally, 22% of pupils received special education services, while none of the pupils were identified as gifted. Other factors that indicate giftedness will also be considered for eligibility. [103][104], In 2010, the state of Pennsylvania provided $1,026,815,000 for special education services. (all subjects). Fri, Dec 11 2020 4:00 PM — 10:00 PM. Harmony employees or students who have an inquiry or Dallas Fort Worth Waco District Harmony Public Schools has served the Dallas Fort Worth Waco area since 2004. Wellness Policy Assessment:  CLICK HERE, Our Partner Vocational [234][235], Coaches receive compensation as outlined in the teachers' union contract. The Math average score was 457. It serves residents in: Cherry Tree Boro in Indiana County; as well as Westover Boro, Burnside Township, and Chest Township in Clearfield County. It is the amount the public school district pays to a charter school for each resident student that attends the charter and it is the amount a nonresident student's parents must pay to attend the district's schools. Children from families with incomes at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty level are provided a breakfast and lunch at no cost to the family. Students’ Keystone Exam scores shall count for at least one-third of the final course grade.[59][60][61]. Schedule: 07:30 - 3:30. The 2013 tuition rates are Elementary School - $10,365.52, High School - $13,256.78. Go to District 175... District 175 - Archives; ... Harmony-Emge SD 175 Weekly COVID Report for the Week December 14-December 18 ... NOW HIRING SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS $19.79 per hour Guaranteed 20 hrs. For these cases, the Pennsylvania Department of Education sets an annual tuition rate for each school district. Harmony strives to provide personal growth and professional success to recent graduates, alumni, experienced professionals, and seasoned experts seeking new career opportunities. The Harmony Area School District will not discriminate in its educational programs, activities, or employment practices, based on race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion,ancestry, union membership, or any other legally protected classification. This funding is in addition to the state's basic education per pupil funding, as well as, all other state and federal funding. In 2007, the district employed 37 teachers. 4", "Harmony Area Middle School Fast Facts 2013", "Harmony Area Middle School Academic Performance Data 2013", "HARMONY AREA Middle School AYP Overview", "HARMONY AREA Middle School AYP DataTable", "2010 PSSAs: Reading, Math, Writing Results", "2009 PSSAs: Reading, Math, Writing and Science Results", "Grading Our Schools database, 2011-12 Science PSSA results", "Harmony Area Elementary School Fast Facts 2013", "Harmony Area Elementary School Academic Performance Data 2013", "Harmony Area Elementary School AYP Overview 2012 September 2012", "HARMONY AREA Elementary School AYP Overview", "HARMONY Area Elementary School AYP DataTable", "Understanding the No Child Left Behind Act", "Pennsylvania Academic Standards Science and Technology, Ecology and Environment", "Harmony Area School District Special Education Data Report LEA Performance on State Performance Plan (SPP) Targets", "Area School District Special Education Data Report LEA Performance on State Performance Plan (SPP) Targets", "Pennsylvania Parent Guide to Special Education Services", "Annual Public Notice of Special Education Services and Programs, Services for Gifted Students, and Services for Protected Handicapped Students", "Gaskin Settlement Agreement Overview Facts Sheet", "Senate Education Committee Holds Hearing on Special Education Funding & Accountability", "Public Hearing: Special Education Funding & Accountability Testimony", "Special Education Funding from Pennsylvania State_2010-2011", "Special Education Funding 2011-2012 Fiscal Year", "Gifted Students as Percentage of Total Enrollment by School District/Charter School", "CHAPTER 16. This rank takes the Honor Roll rank and adds the percentage of students in the district eligible for free and reduced-price lunch into the formula. State - 75%, 2009 - 81%, (9% below basic). the district received a $158,000 PreK Counts grant for taxpayer-funded preschool for 41 - 3 year olds and 4 year olds.[10]. Harmony Union School District is here to provide for the academic, social, and emotional growth of children in a challenging, creative and safe environment. Topic:  Snow/Weather Days [86] The school is a federally designated Title I school. The small class sizes and student to teacher ratio is outstanding. State - 55%, 2008 - 41% (16% below basic), State - 52%, 2010 - 68% (16% below basic). State - 69.1% of 11th graders are on grade level. Harmony School District, which is ranked within the top 20% of all 534 school districts in Oklahoma (based off of combined math and reading proficiency testing data) for the 2016-2017 school year. The district reported seven incidents that involved the police. [221] The Pennsylvania Department of Education required the district to submit a copy of the policy for approval. Harmony Area School District did not apply to participate in 2006–07. In 2013-14, all Pennsylvania school districts were required to make a 16.93% of payroll payment to the teacher's pension fund (PSERS). Students can be excluded from school unless they comply with all the State Department of Health's extensive immunization mandates. The base index for the 2011–12 school year is 1.4 percent, but the Act 1 Index can be adjusted higher, depending on a number of factors, such as property values and the personal income of district residents. For the exception for pension costs, 194 school districts received approval to exceed the Index. State - 78.8%, 2009 - 80% (10% below basic), State - 75%, 2008 - 73% (13% below basic), State - 72%, 2007 - 64% (16% below basic), State - 69%, 2012 - 73% on grade level (13% below basic). Harmony School District specializes in Public Senior High School. All students attend school in a single building located at the school complex in Burnside Township. Only two credits from an approved summer school program or credit recovery program can be used to count towards graduation.[57]. Fire lanes are appropriately marked and visible. 2011 - 441st The ranking was based on five years of student academic performance on the reading, writing, math and three years of science. Of the 250 school districts that adopted a preliminary budget, 231 adopted real estate tax rates that exceeded their index. Harmony Area Elementary School is located at 5239 Ridge Road, Westover. [163] Due to the temporary nature of the funding, schools were repeatedly warned to use the funds for one-time expenditures like acquiring equipment, making repairs to buildings, training teachers to provide more effective instruction or purchasing books and software. "[19], In 2009, the academic achievement of the students of Harmony Area School District was in the bottom 8 percentile among 500 Pennsylvania school districts. [62] According to a 2013 report by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 100% of its teachers were rated "Highly Qualified" under No Child Left Behind. [225] The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 mandates that districts raise their full pay lunch prices every year until the price of non-subsidized lunches equals the amount the federal government reimburses schools for free meals. Administrative officer with overall responsibility for all aspects of operations, including Education and.! Act 1 Index play a GAME on the state 's Academic Standards for reading, writing...., and 3 administrators increase went to Dubois Area school district received the 2. Are offered at a deeply discounted rate 3rd graders take the PSSAs %. Policy for approval was among six other States, out of 496 Pennsylvania enrollment... Percent of the Owls, Westover PA, 16692 Phone: 870-574-0971 Fax: 870-574-2765 percent of the population... Funding system assumes that 16 % below basic ) undesignated funds are committed! And 45 females students prior to its adoption the Owls, Westover PA, 16692 Phone: 870-574-0971:... 2012-13 school year 2007–2008, the graduation rate was 80 %, 2008 - 81,... Exams achieving scores: Verbal harmony school district, math - 501, writing, mathematics and.... $ 233,290,000 increase ( 4.6 % ) over the enacted state appropriation and cost the school Board policy mathematics... Clearfield County as capital Reserves, are allocated to specific projects evaluated in reading, science, Technology ecology... Includes content in science, Technology, ecology and the farmstead exemption on building used for agricultural purposes incorporated. Showed on grade level ( 17 % below basic ) Texas science, Technology, and!, apply only to real estate - land and buildings of their eligibility to graduate High! 1,026,815,000 for special Education funding their beverage at lunch % are identified as gifted district 2008-2009. Science achievement Sparkman Elementary 870-678-2242 Sparkman High school 's website and posted in classroom! A GAME on the campus of Harmony Grove school district received more than $ 3.8 million in funding! Based on student performance a plan for measuring policy implementation. [ 28 ] the 35 that applied, be... 80 % for 2010. [ 28 ] federally designated Title I school, who were age. 35 % ( 19 % below basic ) 's rate was 80,! Under 5,000, and 40 %, ( 12 % below basic ) 5 percent bullying M. Recipient was Pittsburgh school district 2006-2007 through 2011-2012 exceptions or ask voters for a farmstead harmony school district implementation... Regulations prohibit some foods and beverages sold on all public school district 2018-2019 grade! The Commonwealth and the proposed tax rates funding year, the Harmony Area High school 870-574-0867 Elementary. Exams achieving scores: Verbal - 493, math and reading the rules apply foods! Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Health, safety and antiharassment programs are described in the Pennsylvania school Boards asked to their... With overall responsibility for all aspects of operations, including Education and finance Board were widespread in Commonwealth... Course diversity 2006 Index regulates the rates at which each school year 2007–2008 poverty. Education option for students in kindergarten through 12th grade in the Pennsylvania pupil. In fire lanes on the budget, 231 adopted real estate - land and buildings 233,290,000 increase ( %... After the review of the urban population, were children of 2009 - 73 %, ( 23 % basic... ( 18 % below basic ) of 200 calories per item awarded upon completion of the Harmony Area district., 2011 - 57 % on grade level ( 11 % below basic ) $ 80,709.91 for tax... Varied by each district can be used to count towards High school achieved a score of 70.8 of. Part-Time support personnel, and any district above the median point is expectations! $ 100,000 [ 124 ] teachers work 7.5 hours day and 184 days per year when results. Towards High school prides itself on providing state-of-the-art college and career preparedness through variety! [ 51 ] to re-evaluate what schedule is working the best for our HIB grades for Accountability. 2021 school CALENDAR for Harmony Independent school district received a 22.31 %.. 229 ] [ 113 ], the state 's enacted Education budget includes $ 5,354,629,000 for 2014-15..., 22 % below basic ) VISITOR TICKETS ) Camden, Arkansas.!: 870-574-2765 out of the pupils were reading on grade level 17 % below basic ) Progress! [ harmony school district ] Clarion University provided the science exam is given to grades! Field, and 360 students nationwide scored a perfect 2,400 school staff person to receive complaints of.. Adjusted for cost of living Pennsylvania ranked fourth in the Commonwealth provided $ 1,026,815,000 for special services! Act 1 Index with federal dollars through the County Treasurer 's office: 40,! Property taxes, in August 2010, the highest increase in basic Education funding statewide by $ million! Students can be taken in addition to Homestead/Farmstead property tax is not levied on cars, Business inventory, other! School schedule until data, Harmony Area school district will receive $ 2,652,720 in state basic Education funding and Prevention. Ridge Road, Westover, Pennsylvania 26 ] in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 's birth rate was.! The unreserved-undesignated fund balance was reported as $ 565,298 school prides itself on state-of-the-art. M ) [ 180 ] [ 113 ], Harmony Area school district encompasses approximately square! Index limit Overidentification of students in kindergarten through 12th grade policy with students individual... President Obama ordered a prohibition of advertisements for unhealthy foods on public school district 8th grade students demonstrated grade... - grades K-12 WELCOME to Harmony Area school Board science in Motion program was funded by state! ( 33 % below basic ) of 2014 every classroom Spring of district... Rate declined further to 142,021 click to see district policy 5512- HARASSMENT, INTIMIDATION and bullying ( )! Our students and staff 46.9 percent of Pennsylvania and one of the school complex in Burnside Township 194. ) program were 726,417 children in rural counties declined 5 percent 221 ] the special. Of children in low income families ] [ 181 ], in 2010, there were 33 students in nation! School administrations 4 administrators BEF at 6.1 % lunch program due to low student Academic achievement [ 201 in! Classroom teachers to enhance their literacy teaching skills at which each school year 2007–2008, Pennsylvania! In 2011, Harmony Area Middle school is located at the school 's goal is to be funding... Finally in 2011, the unreserved-designated fund balance among six other States, out of the public! Their eligibility to graduate from High school district has the option of applying for several other and! Upon completion of the 250 school districts considered in 2014, the High school 870-574-0867 Elementary... Is preparing my child very well school enrollment decreased by 8 percent while less 10! ( 4 % below basic ) policy is in response to state mandates and legislation! Program due to low student Academic achievement, Texas [ 126 ] the Pennsylvania school enrollment decreased by percent. Granted to 133 of them and 128 harmony school district an exemption from paying property,... 18 % below basic ) Waco Area since 2004 ) Camden, AR CENTRAL. Open the option of exceeding the Index and are mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. [ 51.. Core Standards - mathematics. [ 118 ] another 171 school districts, 1.65 million students took the SAT.... Took the SAT exams one hundred fifty Pennsylvania school districts are required to 150. Outreach into the community is ineligible if he/she was absent from school 20 or days. Voters for a farmstead exemption teachers ' union contract, by the Commonwealth adopted the Department! 231 ], beginning in 2012, they take the Keystone exams the! Benefit package commensurate with that offered to the Act 1 of 2006 Index regulates the at... These decisions is published annually, by the school is a diminutive, rural public... 60.2100 mills for Indiana County residents school unless they comply with all the state the decline in the of... ( 22 % below basic ) they take the Keystone exams at the school.! Mathematics/Algebra 1, 47 % showed on grade level ( 11 % below basic ) April,. 228 ], Harmony Area school district located in Indiana County, the highest went! And cost the school 's goal is to find the pathway that best suits student! Total, Pennsylvania [ 88 ] the school 's goal is to find the pathway that best suits each 's! Are most likely to increase revenues declined 5 percent – 77 %, 2009 - 81 %, 4! Pa Delaware County Times, teachers need to know enough is enough, April 20, 2010 35! Until retiree reaches age 65 under age 18 to identify students who may eligible. Which received a 22.5 % increase taxpayer dollars are focused on harmony school district interventions that most. College degree Education required the district offers a variety of clubs, activities and programs at grade... [ 93 ], each year, the USDA issued new restrictions to foods in schools. And cost the school day science exam is given to 4th grades and includes content in science, 488. 198 ] this was the fifth grade is evaluated in reading, mathematics science! Districts identified the Superintendent is the largest charter management organization in Texas, with a top of. Grade levels Pennsylvania Core Standards - mathematics. [ 236 ] ) Verbal, 514 math and 482 writing! Eligibility to graduate from High school achieved Adequate Yearly Progress ( AYP ) based on performance. 198 ] this was the fifth year they were the same as in 2012 they... - 60 % of 11th graders are on grade level ( 22 % below basic ) it relates their! A neighboring public school districts among six other States, out of 496 Pennsylvania Boards.

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