Miso Dressing Recipe for Garden Greens

Miso Dressing recipe on Garden SaladDue to the prolific amounts of greens in my garden, I’ve been enjoying some manner of salad every day for a couple of weeks. At first, I was content to have big European style salads, and then I started adding hummus and making them more Greek or Turkish, for variety. I’ve also been using my greens in Vietnamese noodle salads and rice rolls. I’ve turned my greens into crêpes, I’ve added them to biscuit dough, and sautéed them. Last night, I was in the mood for yet more variety. I decided to make a Japanese style salad.

I had bought a really nice fillet of wild salmon on sale and poached it to serve over lemon flavored rice. I chopped my greens into a cushy bed, pickled carrots and cucumbers, chopped a tomato and then arranged a miso dressing to spoon atop. This was my first attempt at miso dressing, so I rather had to experiment. In the end, I devised an impressive blend of ingredients that met with the Husband Seal of Approval – not an easy merit to achieve. Have I mentioned in the past that his Mom is a chef? When he says something is “great,” then I win. My recipe follows.

MiLady’s Miso Dressing

1 T hot water
1 tsp sugar
2 T miso, any kind will do. Organic is best because soy beans are notorious for retaining pesticides.
2 T rice vinegar
½ tsp soy sauce (optional)
1 T toasted sesame oil, or olive oil, if that’s available. The toasted sesame adds a distinctly Asian flair, though.
1 tsp ground or finely diced ginger

I found an old glass mustard jar with a tightly fitting lid. You could use anything that has a solid cap that won’t leak when shaken vigorously.
Combine the hot water and sugar in the jar and shake until the sugar is dissolved.
Add the miso, shake until it’s well blended.
Add the rest of the ingredients, shake to blend.
Add cold water until the dressing is the desired consistency.

What’s your favorite way to eat greens?

Breathe deeply,
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Love wholly,
Eat well.

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