A Hat For Spring Weather: My Hand-Knit “Big Apple” Cap

Green Tea Lady's hank knit "Big Apple" cap with visor and cables.I’ve finally finished my new cap. I have a deep and abiding love for the two Big Apple caps I bought almost a million years ago back in New England. Both of them are velvety and lush… and they are hard to find. A Big Apple is the mutated exceptional child of a newsboy cap married to the inflation of the Great Depression. The way I understand it, the kids hawking papers on New York City street corners decided to up the ante in a progressive arms – or skull, as the case may be – race to see who’s head could be swallowed more completely by their cap. Picture the wee waifs with no heads and huge caps bellowing about the price of apples and you have the image. I decided I ought to knit myself one that was a wee lighter than lined velvet so I could wear it on warmer days. Here is my result.




Green Tea Lady's hank knit "Big Apple" cap with visor and cables.

This was sort of a quest for me. There really wasn’t a recipe for the kind of hat I wanted to make, so I needed to splice together a couple of different hats. I started by knitting a cable beret… twice. I can’t even count the number of pots of green tea were required to regain my sense of tranquility and inner peace while frogging the whole hat into a ball of yarn.  The first time, it turned out to be more of a ski cap than a beret, so I added some stitches and some rows when I increased to up the volume. I like my caps poufy. I then found a recipe for a Newsboy cap and appropriated the visor bit. I had a dark blue plastic binder separator that I cut to give the visor stiffness and I stitched it into the fold. Then I stitched the visor onto the beret and folded ½ inch thick black elastic into the brim of the beret. Ta-da! A Big Apple Beret Cap with Cables! Because I made the visor interior of plastic, I was able to wash it and block it without worrying for the stability of the unit. Perfect for rainy days and sunny days.


Do you wear hats?  If so, what’s your favorite hat?


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