Green Tea Cola? Really?

I just came across this article today from the Associated Press on a new brand of Coco-cola being released: Green Tea.

Crazy, yes?

I can’t think of two beverage on more opposite sides of the spectrum than dark, heavy, sticky-sweet soda and light, tasty, natural, green tea. Of course, we all know my bias.

Apparently, the Japanese have decided to market toward young, health-conscious women by flavoring the cola with the anti-oxidant producing catechins that occur naturally in green tea. It sounds like they’ve removed that specific element and added it chemically to the soda, not that they’ve actually brewed green tea into the mix. The spokesman for Japan’s Coca Cola Co., Katsuya Sato, says the soda leaves a slight green tea aftertaste. I can’t imagine green tea’s subtle aftertaste could compete with the strong flavors and sugar aftertaste of soda.

The rest of the world will have to wait to try this beverage as it is only being released in Japan and hits the stores on June 8th. I haven’t desired a drink of soda since the mid-1980s, yet I have to admit, I’m curious. I know it’s only flavor, but I want to know just how much green tea I would taste in it. Put me down for one sip. Hey, I’m feeling a little cutting-edge, today. Rar!

Oh, and what is Pepsi doing to counter the green tea flavored Coco-cola? Apparently it is launching Japanese shiso flavored soda later this month. I have shiso in my garden. It’s like a cross between basil and mint and it’s amazing in salads and rice rolls.

Who else is interested in taste testing these sodas with me?

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2 comments to Green Tea Cola? Really?

  • Green tea cola? I’d try it for sure… though it sounds weird.

    (But then, I’m the gal who when handed a soda that expired 5 years ago, will crack it open and taste it while a friend takes photographs and then report on the flavor and encourage others to try it, too……) 🙂

  • We have green tea ginger ale here – I’ve tried it, I can see the appeal. But I’ve no idea how cola and green tea would combine. I suspect the answer is – badly.