Autumn Curry

I love going to my local Farmer’s Markets! There is something about seeing, smelling, and touching all the foods of the season — freshly picked and brought to this festival of the senses — that really grounds me in the present. For this moment, and this moment alone, this particular vegetable is at its peak. […]

Split Pea Soup Recipe

I have received a request for my Split Pea Soup recipe. Honestly, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m horrible at writing my recipes down for posterity. The baking ones I usually write and amend as I change things, yet most other dishes are floating through my head, made up on the spot, […]

Spring Soup

To usher in spring, I made a nice minestrone soup with carrot flowers. It’s still cold enough here for me to want to warm myself with a bowl of hot liquid for lunch — especially if I take this bowl out to the deck to eat where I proudly survey my domain. *smiles*

I’m […]

Ode to New England

I’ve been thinking about chowder. I’m not a big fan of potato chunks, dairy products have decided I am not their bosom friend anymore in quantities greater than tablespoons, and clams are, well, texturally, um… interesting, at best.

So, why am I thinking about chowder since these are all major ingredients in it? I […]

Galloping Garlic!

It’s a lovely accent to a Vietnamese soup to sprinkle a bit of fried garlic upon it. Since we both enjoy it, I keep a jar of it on the shelf above the stove. One little jar lasts forever packed in its olive oil so I maybe make it once a year. This morning was […]