Baby Gifts Galore!

Two of my dear friends are pregnant. One couple is expecting twin girls and the other expecting a boy. I’ve been knitting.

The young gentleman is expected into a family who has received fruit hats from me for their daughter. No. Please do not embrace the idea of an infant in a huge Victorian […]

New Cozy off the Needles

The beautiful little 2-cup pot I’d been using for years finally cracked beyond its ability to contain water — never a good thing for a tea vessel. The new pot is shaped so differently, the cozy’s I knit specifically for my old pot don’t fit at all. Since I tend to parcel out my […]

Scarf for Noray

I was inspired to knit a cream and gold scarf. As I was knitting it, I kept thinking about my friend, Noray. Clearly, the scarf was meant for her. I love when something I’m creating for the sake of creating it claims someone. Sometimes, completed projects sit in drawers for a long time before I […]

McKenna’s Strawberry Sweater

To welcome baby McKenna into the world, I knit her a little cotton sweater with strawberries embroidered on it. I went with the strawberry theme to go with the little strawberry hat I had knit. It was a really cute little kimono style sweater, not too difficult or time consuming. Embroidering the strawberries took almost […]

How I Needled Myself Into Learning to Knit

As a child escaping hot, humid New England summer afternoons, I retreated to the cool linoleum of the basement to flip through TV stations. One day, I happened upon Tom Baker’s amazingly long Dr. Who scarf. I sat transfixed. There began my quest for a super long scarf. After years of fruitless searching, I […]