A Moment of Appreciation

I’ve taken my computer with me on the deck, settled myself into a nice sunny spot with a pot of dragonswell tea, and then I noticed the sound. Sure, there are many sounds happening simultaneously, yet, when I block out the traffic passing and the sounds of the kindergarteners playing next door, I hear nature. […]

Spring Gardening

This week in gardening involved how to manage growing something with nothing. We’re far enough along into spring to see what has survived the winter and what hasn’t; what needs to be repaired and what can be replaced. Every year sees gardening challenges, and this year sees the ante being raised.

Water, water everywhere! The […]

Christmas in July: Tinsel for Tomato Plants to Ward off Birds

My little, green tomatoes are starting to blush and I still have some ever-bearing strawberries ripening. That means it’s time to fend off the interests of birds before they begin to target my fruit. Since I love having the birds in my yard – I’ve gone to great effort to lay out a wonderful […]

MiLady Declares War on Aphids, Part 2

So, I had concocted that recipe of garlic and detergent and doused my strawberries and roses in it for a few days. While it seemed to keep my strawberry aphids in check, the aphids on the roses weren’t responding. Perhaps they were different breeds of aphid? I’m not sure. The plants are on opposite sides […]

Backyard Eden: A Work in Progress

Marilyn, this video is per your request. I really ought to make a new one, as this was a few weeks ago. Most of my daffodils are gone and many of my tulips are fading. My veggie patch has grown, and the Lilac Corner is much changed. Perhaps I’ll take another video in the morning.