Green Tea: A Primer

Are you new to drinking green tea? Would you like to really understand how to brew the perfect pot and enjoy drinking it?

Green Tea:  A Primer covers ~

  • The health benefits of drinking green tea
  • A short history and the culture of green tea
  • Loose tea vs. tea bags
  • How to choose the best green tea for your personal taste
  • The art of sipping and how to appreciate good green tea
  • A list and description of great green teas you’ll love
  • How to brew a pot of loose-leaf tea, a step-by-step guide in words and pictures
  • The secrets of making matcha
  • A handy chart of teas and their brewing times

Green Tea Primer front page medium size pic.docx
Only $15

“The other day I was out and about and grabbed a Vanilla Rooibos Latte from Starbucks. NASTY! Too sweet, too rich, and it was *gasp* bagged tea! *gasp* You have spoiled me and taught me how to appreciate a good cup of tea.” – Marilyn Waters, Utah