St. Petersburg

Day 6

We had to take a guided shore excursion in order to obtain a visitor visa for the day. While I would have liked to make it to a Cathedral tour – specifically the Church of the Spilled Blood – I just couldn’t make the times work. Instead, we took a 10.5 hour tour […]

Cruising Day

Day 5

We’ve changed our clocks three times now. Once to adjust to Oslo time. Once to adjust to Latvian time, and again to adjust to St. Petersburg time. We took sunset photos this week at 10:30pm and tonight at 11:07pm. Land of the midnight sun, indeed! It’s 11:16pm and it’s still not completely set. […]

Riga, Latvia

Culture Abounds Aboard Ship

Day 3: At Sea

Today was a day at sea. We spent a relaxing day onboard involving fine meals, the fitness center, the spa, the saunas, a political conversation with folks from South Africa, and watching the sun set at 10:30pm.

I love that about being on a cruise. There are people from all […]

Copenhagen, Denmark

Day 2 of the cruise stopped in Copenhagen.

Historical Notes

The Danes won every war they were in up to 400 years ago, then they’ve lost every war since. Therefore, they are thrilled to be involved in Afghanistan because they want to break the cycle. They are sending their elite soldiers.

Tycho Brahe died […]