For the Love of a Celadon Tea Set

When last we traveled to Vietnam, I fell deeply in love with a tea set. My husband recognizes and has come to terms with this affair of the heart — after all, he is served delicious tea in said set.

It all began with a typhoon.

Our visit to Vietnam in November, 2013 […]

New Cozy off the Needles

The beautiful little 2-cup pot I’d been using for years finally cracked beyond its ability to contain water — never a good thing for a tea vessel. The new pot is shaped so differently, the cozy’s I knit specifically for my old pot don’t fit at all. Since I tend to parcel out my […]

Teas That Are Safe for Pregnancy

I was recently asked what teas are appropriate to drink while pregnant and nursing. There was a four-year period during which I was trying to become pregnant, so I had a lot of time to research this. Throughout that whole portion of my life, I lived as though I were pregnant – just in case. […]

Green Tea: Antioxidants and Absorption

A new study in the Nutrition journal published on January 18, 2010, showed that green tea’s antioxidant catechins are readily absorbed by our bodies. This is great news! First, a little science…

Catechins are plant-based compounds that are highly antioxidant. Antioxidants are food-based nutrients that naturally prevent or slow the damage that oxygen causes over […]

Ginseng Oolong Tea Review

It’s been busy, of late. So busy, I’m a bit behind on my sleep. What do I reach for when my energy level is low? Ginseng oolong tea! This oolong tea is specially prepared with powdered ginseng root and rolled into nuggets that unfurl more with each steep. It smells clean and strongly of ginseng. […]