A Moment of Appreciation

I’ve taken my computer with me on the deck, settled myself into a nice sunny spot with a pot of dragonswell tea, and then I noticed the sound. Sure, there are many sounds happening simultaneously, yet, when I block out the traffic passing and the sounds of the kindergarteners playing next door, I hear nature. […]

Romantic Dinner on the Deck

It’s absolutely lovely outside. We cooked a nice dinner and I set up the deck with candles and mood lighting. I have tea lights in the garden and great food cooking on the grill. I feel very blessed.

Breathe deeply, Laugh with abandon, Love wholly, Eat well.

MiLady Carol


Spring Gardening

This week in gardening involved how to manage growing something with nothing. We’re far enough along into spring to see what has survived the winter and what hasn’t; what needs to be repaired and what can be replaced. Every year sees gardening challenges, and this year sees the ante being raised.

Water, water everywhere! The […]

Signs of Spring

After quite a cold snap in December, January has been down right balmy. Little bits of green have been poking through the ground for weeks and some of them are baring blooms. I share with you, photos from my walk today.

A beautifully scented bush with berries and blooms.


A Perfect Autumn Day

I’ve was away in Utah for a seminar and I’m still catching up on work, housework and yard winterization, so I’ve been lax in posting. My apologies. Until I pull it together for a proper post — and I have lots to say — I wanted to post this gorgeous picture of my walk home […]