Tuxedo Necklace

Tuxedo Agate necklace 1I went to the Gem Faire this past weekend. I didn’t buy much, mostly glass beads for Miss Spring to use in her creations, some craft wire for a project, and some green amethyst for myself. I went a second time with my friend and, while she was shopping, my hand was magnetically drawn to a loose pendant bead. This loose bead. I rely upon instinct when it comes to stones, and this particular gem truly needed to come home with me. It’s a piece of banded agate. Simple, inexpensive, and absolutely delicious.

I brought it home and sat it on my desk for a day. When I had some time, I brought out the velvet tray and started designing. The design came together quickly and I’m super pleased with the necklace. I haven’t figured out any earrings for it, though I think I’ll just keep it simple. Maybe a nice white pearl and onyx drop. When the sun burst through the clouds yesterday afternoon, I took the new necklace on a little photo shoot in the backyard. Now to create an occasion to wear it…

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol

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