Mega Salad Stomps Tokyo, Athens, and Rome!

“Look! There! Rising from the deep! It’s an atavistic giant come to stomp our beloved city! Arghhhhh!”

Imagine that being heard in Japanese, Greek, and Italian. Also imagine that said beast is collecting elements for dinner from these places rather than causing massive property damage.

Godzilla sidles up to the local grocer, “Pardon me. Do you have any toasted sesame seed oil?”

The result might be my Mega Salad. Godzilla would totally love this, don’t you think? You know, if Godzilla were the salad type.

Basically, this is a mishmash of many things sitting in the fridge with my tuna salad. Clockwise on the plate are my tuna salad, hardboiled eggs, a baby salad greens mix, marinated mushrooms, cheese sticks wrapped in Italian meats, marinated artichoke hearts, green olives, crumbled cheese, seaweed salad, and I made a pickled cucumber and wakame dish. I made the tuna, I made the cucumber salad, I boiled the eggs, and I washed the salad greens and cabbage. Everything else was in a jar or container in the fridge. It was so quick and easy to prep for lunch that we ate like this half the week. This plate was the supper version the first night. I even served a nice sencha tea with it.

I think Godzilla would approve.
Mega Salad

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol

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