Baby Gifts Galore!

Two of my dear friends are pregnant. One couple is expecting twin girls and the other expecting a boy. I’ve been knitting.

The young gentleman is expected into a family who has received fruit hats from me for their daughter. No. Please do not embrace the idea of an infant in a huge Victorian era number with a cornucopia of grapes and apples piled upon it. That’s just silliness. I had knit a strawberry and a pumpkin. This is McKenna modeling said affair.
Kenna Strawberry Hat

However, McKenna’s daddy announced that no son of his was going to wear a strawberry. Apparently, that’s not appropriate headgear for his boy. Nope. He’s a sporty guy, so I decided to play on that and figure out how to make a football hat. Since I’ve never done one, nor do I have a pattern, this was from scratch. In the first iteration, I tried to mimic the texture of a football with a seed stitch and sew the football markings on top. I wasn’t totally happy with the outcome, so I made another go at it.

The second football was modeled after the base of the strawberry hat. I included all the stitch markings into the hat itself and made the top come to a point like a football. I’m quite pleased. I’ve been informed by the father that he would like one to wear with his son – largely for the purpose of embarrassing his lovely wife. I’m torn. While I’m estrogenically sworn to fall in on the Girl’s Club side of the equation and prevent her embarrassment, I’m artistically challenged to convert the recipe to adult size. The scales are further tipped by the thought of having a picture of father and son in matching football hats. The cuteness of that just seals the deal. Sorry Danielle.
Football Hats

The twins are expected by new parents that I’ve known for years. I’ve been playing D&D with Aaron for 13 years. Gosh, thirteen?!? My how time flies. I decided to present them with a garden of beautiful and practical things for their girls. I’ve been working on these presents for months. I never did ask Aaron if he realized I was knitting gifts for his girls right in front of him on Monday nights.

I started with two strawberry hats. I figured they were pretty gender neutral – well, for most people – and everyone seems to like them. Once I found out they were both girls, I also knit two eyelet hats and some little rosette headbands. I bought a baby book and made a card with the idea of swaddling them all in cozy femininity. I even presented the whole gift on a grass-like bed I made from a FedEx box and painted. Once all that was coming together, I needed to address Aaron. I figure he’ll be drowning in estrogen for years to come, so I really wanted to include something to appeal to him in the box. Hence, the onesies. I found a couple of cute D&D themed onesies for his girls to wear. While his beautiful wife read them with confusion at the shower, Aaron laughed heartily. Bingo! That was what I wanted. Kat will put them on the girls because they will go through onesies at an alarming rate throughout the average week. Aaron, however, will truly enjoy them. And, here’s hoping to bring a couple more geeky girls into the world.
Twin Strawberry Hats med
Twin Eyelet Hats
Rose Baby Headbands
Leming Baby Gift Box

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol

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