Moroccan Lamb Tagine and Mediterranean Salad

Moroccan_Lamb_Tagine_and_Mediterreanean_SaladI’ve been tinkering with clay pot cooking.  I’m inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean and a recent visit to the Moroccan restaurant on our last trip to Portland.  I found some really nice lamb and set about making a Moroccan lamb dish.  I began cooking at 10 in the morning, left it on the stove most of the day, and it was ready to eat by 6 last night.

Since I’m allergic to cinnamon, I pulled my handy-dandy granite mortar and pestle out from the corner of the counter and set about making my own spice blend.  I simmered the lamb, spices, and minced onion for hours.  Later, I added the tomatoes.  I also bought a nice eggplant and roasted some baba ganoush as a dressing for the Mediterranean salad I made.  I made the salad after lunch so it would have time to marinate in the vinaigrette all afternoon.  Usually, a dish like this is served with bread or cous cous.  Since I didn’t have either handy, I just settled for a mild rice — I didn’t want to have anything competing with the flavors I’d already established.

I’m pretty pleased.  G declared it delicious last night, and even more so when reheated tonight.  Huzzah!

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