New Cozy off the Needles

The beautiful little 2-cup pot I’d been using for years finally cracked beyond its ability to contain water — never a good thing for a tea vessel.  The new pot is shaped so differently, the cozy’s I knit specifically for my old pot don’t fit at all.  Since I tend to parcel out my tea experience while working, I really like to keep the pot warm while I pour out a few sips at at time into my cup.  This meant a new cozy was in order.

This recipe is from Tea Cozies 2 by Guild of Master Craftsman (editor), which I found in my local library.  There are a lot of whimsical patterns in this book, though I really fell in love with the bobbles and little strawberries of the “Strawberries and Cream” pattern.  I changed it a bit by neglecting to leave holes for the spout and handle.  I’ve done that in the past, yet I find the tea tends to cool faster, so I kept everything covered.

Things I may change… I’d probably knit both an inner layer and the outer shell to increase the insulation level.  I’d also probably use a darker color for the body — I already have a couple of tea stains on the white near the spout where tea sloshed a bit in transit through the house.  I may choose a nice forest green for the body and lighter spring green for the stems.  I may even make a leaf or two.

Breathe deeply,

Laugh with abandon,

Love wholly,

Eat well.


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