Ginseng Oolong Tea Review

Green Tea Lady's tea and hyacinth and ginseng oolong.It’s been busy, of late. So busy, I’m a bit behind on my sleep. What do I reach for when my energy level is low? Ginseng oolong tea! This oolong tea is specially prepared with powdered ginseng root and rolled into nuggets that unfurl more with each steep. It smells clean and strongly of ginseng. It’s just a pleasure to have by my side on a Monday.

Ginseng root has been noted for its many purported health benefits over the centuries. Some believe it lowers blood pressure and blood sugar and aids in lessening the effects of menopause, yet it is most famous for its stimulating properties. Ginseng is said to clear the mind, improve mental facilities and improve overall energy. Whether this is true for everyone is up to debate, yet I’ll offer a general caution that the combination of green tea that contains caffeine and ginseng may not be the ideal evening tea.

There is a really sweet flavor throughout the mouth both in front and in the back (please see my article: The Art of Sipping Tea for an explanation.) I find it leaves a very refreshing sense of clean in my mouth quite a long time after being drunk. I habitually have a pot of tea by my side as I work and I often fall prey to being so consumed that I forget to sip my tea. While some teas taste less impressive when they are cold, I find that Ginseng Oolong tastes equally great in both thermal extremes. I often brew an extra pot of it and leave it on the counter to grow cold for later.

A good ginseng oolong, like most oolongs, is good for several steeps. The ginseng flavor should stay with the tea throughout all the brews. I know I have a good quality tea when both the ginseng and the green tea flavors are both still present in my 5th steep. I find that the first brew is flavorful, the second and third steeps are where the flavors peak, the fourth and fifth require longer steep times to retain the same flavor intensity and the sixth is usually the final steep. Any further steeps are too diminished in taste unless you have a really superior oolong.

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